CubyKing is part of Budé Group bv, a Dutch industrial automation company, founded in 1985 by Marcel Budé. Started within the agricultural automation, soon followed by automation projects for the industry sector. Budé Group bv transformed into a full-grown engineering company with its own production facility for the construction of their machines.

The main focus of Budé Group bv was the engineering and construction of dedicated machinery for the food industry. Aligning, picking and packing of frozen snack products into carton is one of their specialties. In 2005 they designed a Gasshaker for the whipped cream industry, which is nowadays the standard for the whipped cream production. Hygienic design and fully washdown are basic principles, which are taken into account when designing a new machine for food production.

In 2014 the second generation of the family Budé, Rob Budé, became the new general manager. The focus remains on designing and building machines for the food industry.

The CubyKing is the latest product brought to the market by Budé Group bv. A unique machine with a breakthrough method of producing ice cubes. The advantages of this machine are absolutely one of kind and fit perfect within the strategy of Budé Group bv.
Provable CO2 reduction
and efficiency improvement
in your production process
and logistic chain
How much would
your turnover rise, if
there fits 38% more
of your product
the same shelf in the
How many CO2
could you reduce, if
you need 38% less
trucking movements

to move the same
amount of ice?