Our vision
The development of ice production machines producing ice cubes substantially more energy efficient and preserving the total logistic chain to reduce the total energy consumption.

Our mission
We are professionals and fulfill our commitments with flawless multidisciplinary teamwork. Together with our customers it is our goal to realize maximum (energy) savings within their production process and supply chain to help them reducing costs.

Our core values
Environmental protection:
We are dedicated to help our customers produce ice cubes successfully with a provable CO2 reduction in the whole production and logistic chain.

Our machines are built to last and contribute to energy reduction.

Innovation is the key to become the best in what we are. By raising the bar in our design we set a new standard within the industry.

Professional knowledge:
Our employees are our main asset. With their knowledge and skills we are able to serve our customers best.

We are known for our "never give up until it works" mentality. When we start a job, we finish the job!
Provable CO2 reduction
and efficiency improvement
in your production process
and logistic chain
How much would
your turnover rise, if
there fits 38% more
of your product
the same shelf in the
How many CO2
could you reduce, if
you need 38% less
trucking movements

to move the same
amount of ice?