Flat bag ice
The CubyKing is especially designed to produce ice cubes in a flat bag format. This patented and unique design has lots of advantages compared to existing systems. It not only creates advantages within your company, but it actually creates value for you and your customer.

Homemade ice
Low quality, regular tap waterHighly energy inefficient

Regular ice packs
Need a lot of freezer spaceLimited convenience

CubyKing flat bag ice
Compact, stackable iceSaves space up to 38%6000 Kg more truck load8% Energy saving

Volume/logistic advantages:
Saves up to 38% in packaging volume
972 Kg on a pallet compared to 612 kgEasily stackable flat bag iceMore ice packaging in your cold storage
Less transport movement
6000 Kg more truck load and 6 spare pallet positions
Less out of stock in the supermarketSimplified production processConsumer saves freezer space
Water advantage:
19% Less water wastage, 4% compared to traditional 23%
Energy advantages:
8% More energy efficient during productionEfficient water usage in the CubyKingCO2 reduction in supply chain due to volume reduction
Cooling sytem advantages:
Designed to be used with an indirect cooling system with R290 as a refrigerant and a biological natural carrier (Thermera)But it can also be used with pump circulation refrigeration systems, such as R404a and R717
High quality, crystal clear ice cubesFlat bag with carrying grip2 Kg in one package96 Ice cubes of 20,8 gramsDimension flat bag ice 25x19x3 cm (lxwxh)
The flat bag ice is adjustable to your needs. Adjustable weights e.g. 2, 3, 4 Kg and cube weights e.g. 20, 30, 60, 80 gram.
Provable CO2 reduction
and efficiency improvement
in your production process
and logistic chain
How much would
your turnover rise, if
there fits 38% more
of your product
the same shelf in the
How many CO2
could you reduce, if
you need 38% less
trucking movements

to move the same
amount of ice?